Auracle Healing Cards

Auracle Healing Cards

The Auracle Healing Cards are storytellers of your soul through the vibration of Unconditional Love bringing guidance, clarity, answers and because of those answers, peace of mind and balance into your life. They make you “feel” better.

Each of the 112 beautiful Images and Mandalas in the Healing Deck contain the vibrations of Colour, Light, Sound, Sacred Geometries, and Prayers of “Light”, which combined work with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to connect you more deeply to the truth of who you are. This brings the fullest experience of personal awakening and empowerment so you can take the next step on your path with confidence and joy.

They can be used for:

Healings; Meditations; Readings; Laying on the Body or Under the Pillow; Gazing Sessions; Charging Food and Water; In Babies Rooms; On Pets; Creating a Sacred Healing Space.

As you choose your Auracles, they reveal intricate Truths, teachings and experiences on various levels which help you align with your Authentic Self. This brings Clarity and Awareness which:

  • Restore emotional balance, peacefulness, and serenity.
  • Help ground your visions allowing you to do what you Love in life with confidence.
  • Bring clarity and empowerment on your life path with new levels of direction and focus.
  • Open you up for receiving Self-Love, Compassion, Kindness, and Nurturing to Honour your life.
  • Bring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection to your Guides who work with you specifically to resolve an issue or circumstance that is present.

The Auracle Healing Cards will also provide you with following benefits:

  • Shift your perception of Self and Life into elevated states of awareness.
  • Open your Heart to deeply profound insights, deeper states of intuition, allowing un-Loved parts of your Self to rise, be acknowledged, forgiven, and healed.
  • Assist in dissolving lower, fear based vibrations or thought forms ruling your actions which don’t resonate with Love.

Haven’t you ever wanted to have a Heart to Heart conversation with your soul? Through the Auracle Healing Cards you can. When speaking with your soul, you will only encounter a deep Truth for you in that moment which brings an answer or answers you need without judgment or criticism, but simply through Loving words.

The Auracle Healing Cards will help you BELIEVE in yourself by helping you remember who you are. They will Awaken you to your Brilliance, Uniqueness, and inner “Light”…and it is these Awakenings, which will help you heal your Self.


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