Edible to Incredible Tips and Tricks Liposomals

Edible to Incredible Tips and Tricks Liposomals

Why liposomal and how can Omega 3 help me?

  • Liposomal is a unique fat and water soluble molecule, which can immediately be absorbed by our cells
  • This delivery method is popularly used for Vitamins, fats and other nutrients for optimal absorption
  • Liposomals work and last longer in the body so has a prolonged effect
  • Does not stress the digestive system to break it down
  • Omega 3’s in this format make it easy for the body to absorb, without stressing systems
  • great for skin, hair, nails, eyes, heart and brain!
  • helps body eliminate the bad/ toxic fats
  • helps boost metabolism and healing
  • natural anti inflammatory
  • hormone balancer

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