Healing in the Quantum

Healing in the Quantum

When we try to get better from any health condition, the tendency is to look at statistics, medical advice on your chances and trajectory of symptoms, medical intervention and its limitations. While this model may work in the old paradigm, in the 21st century we have more choices to choose to be well. Yes, it is a choice, just like everything else in life we choose.

While diseases can be studied with stats and data going the Newtonian way to explain the underlying physics behind it, the moment we talk about the human body and all things that relate to the human consciousness, we can no longer use the linear equation using Newtonian Physics; the only way that science is attempting to explain the human body and it’s healing potential is by using Quantum Physics.

Healing and what seem like miracles all seem less impossible and more achievable with Quantum Physics. Wait! Do we all need to be such advanced physicists to achieve healing or miracles? In the 21st Century, this is now the norm, where healing and health is your birthright, and not limited by medicinal science or data. More and more people are awakening and tapping in to this quantum field that we all are a part of and making a choice to change their destiny.

We have always had free choice – and no, destiny is not carved in stone. We are living in multiple, parallel universes along – side our current reality and existence. Past lives are really parallel lives all happening simultaneously. There are String Theories, Quantum theories and near death experiences – all documented evidence that are knocking down old belief systems. Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce lipton, scientist Gregg Braden are all Truth Leaders to get the word out there to the masses. They are recording medical data from people having full blown Parkinson’s disease before they delve into quantum methods and three days later, have reported medically to no longer have any disease in their bodies; they have created new choices, new stories, carved new destinies.

This is the age of the Quantum, where all possibilities exist. I am a health practitioner, and have always been a healer for many lifetimes. I have chosen to walk the quantum path, which has shifted many paradigms and challenged my own belief systems. As I am getting older, my body has gotten better – I no longer have an auto immune condition, no more ovarian cysts, hormonal imbalance, candida overgrowth, allergies, heavy metals and food intolerances and I am also no longer a vegetarian.

While I choose compassion to help my fellow humans, wellness and abundance is a choice. I will be honored to be your guide, a friend along the way on your journey. Honour yourself as I honor you : for the body and the human consciousness is a wonder to behold.

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