hair tissue mineral analysis HTMA


A simple urine test which any age group can do is a very accurate way to determine your current nutritional bio-profile. Once the results are determined, you get a customized mineral mix that can correct the underlying deficiencies and excesses. This can not only address symptoms, but even aid in anti aging like reverse greying hair! (which is really related to a copper deficiency. This test is more accurate than a Hair Tissue mineral Analysis and creates a starting point for foundational corrections in one’s body chemistry. As it is non invasive, it is an excellent choice for children and older people alike.


What the test can reveal:

  • Exposure to and accumulation of Toxic Elements
  • Nutritional mineral deficiency or excess

  • Poor growth or metabolic issues
  • Behavioral Tendencies
  • Emotional Tendencies
  • Possible physical symptoms you may experience
  • Possible causes of toxic element exposure or accumulation
  • Possible causes for recurring infections

  • Customized minerals specific to your profile for best results

*DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary from person to person | Sheeba - Nutritionist Singapore