Canadian born, having lived in US, India, Hong Kong and practicing in  Singapore and now Tokyo, Japan,  Sheeba’s east and west exposure fused into a passion to discover health naturally, but realistically.


According to her, “just the way we spend on good education and make informed financial investments, similarly, we need to invest wisely in our health.”


She believes while aging may be inevitable, diseases are not; our beliefs and how we treat our body can create healing processes that are little understood by medical science.


She is one of the few medical nutritionists and naturopaths here who is recommended by a number of Doctors – Obstetricians, Gynaecologists, Cardiologists and even GP Doctors.


Award winning Nutritionist who is the only one in her field to receive the award for "Asia’s Greatest Brands".

100 Most Inspiring Women of 2014“ in Singapore.

Recognized as the best homeopathic weight loss program specialist

Recommended by many local GP Doctors, Gynecologists, Cardiologists and Physiotherapists.

  • Master of Science in Human Nutrition (USA)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  • Diploma Clinical Herbology (USA)
  • Reconnective Healing (by Dr Eric Pearl) (USA)
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Certified Lev 4)
  • Aromatherapist (USA)
  • Gemmotherapy (Plant stem cell concentrates)
  • Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis (Functional Medicine, USA)
  • Star Flower Essences Practitioner (USA)
  • NES Total Wellness Practitioner 

  • Trained in functional medicine under renowned naturopath Dr Kimberly Balas from USA, to analyze comprehensive blood reports that can help assess where the body is headed and which are the most stressed systems or organs in the body.
  • This Advanced Blood Chemistry analysis allows for in depth understanding of your blood results, while allowing integration with the medical world.
  • Trained under Dr Bruce Shelton, the father of Advanced Homeopathy in USA to help customize the homeopathic One80° program.
  • Trained under Dr Eric Pearl, whose healing has been scientifically proven and goes beyond “energy healing” modalities and techniques.
  • These are frequencies that are being experienced for the first time on this planet which do not obey the normal laws of physics as we know it – so unexplainable healings are instantly possible.
  • Sheeba has an inspiring presence, having been interviewed by BBC World News, Channel News Asia and in several health books and magazines.

  • Connecting the Dots: Sheeba’s combinations of skills give her a unique background.Her biggest asset is connecting the dots and reading between the lines from blood tests and other assessments which are very often overlooked by healthcare practitioners. This makes all the difference in being able to ‘hit the nail on the head’ and not miss the elephant in the room! She is extremely sensitive to personality types and personal limitations, so Sheeba is able to micro-customize protocols to suit the individual.


  • Functional Medicine: She has worked with big industry names in natural healthcare in the USA, giving her an edge in understanding client’s medical conditions and blood tests by functional medicine blood chemistry analysis. This makes patients and doctors comfortable in recommending her or working with her to improve client’s medical blood tests and concerns through functional medicine analysis.


  • Customize Protocols: We all know that one size does not fit all. So how can one diet or exercise regime fit all? To make it work, the program needs to be customized for the individual. She is well versed in Asian cooking, vegan and raw foods and natural detox protocols or specific, deeper detox protocols. She can work with your GP, other holistic health practitioners or where relevant, refer you to one (eg: an acupuncturist).


  • Always a Student: In this field, one is always a student. Nutrition information is in a state of constant flux, and the way she looks at it, we have just reached the tip of the iceberg. So she keeps herself abreast with all the latest research in the field and beyond- because “being well” also means “looking well” and “feeling well”.


  • Mind Body Whole Treatment: Sheeba understands that if true healing has to happen, it needs to incorporate the body, mind and spirit. In her own journey for health, she found Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to be transformational. A true seeker, she learned this modality from one of the most renowned teachers in this field, Leonid Soboleff.

  • Holistic – Sheeba used to work as a full time naturopath consultant for Verita Advanced Wellness Naturopath Pte Ltd for over 3 years, which offers all the latest possible modalities in alternate care, with complete health assessment, consultation with naturopath, nutrition, pilates, yoga, sonic gym, massages, gourmet vegan cafe, all under one 17,000sq ft roof, with state of the art equipment and the best that technology and natural healing has to offer.


  • Corporate – She is an engaging speaker, giving talks and presentations, conducting workshops to corporate employees all over Singapore, including Singapore General Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles, East shore Hospital, DSTA (Defense Science and Technology Agency), Republic Polytechnic, WINGS, various schools, etc.


  • Research – She is the consulting nutritionist for Men’s Health Magazine (Singapore) for their Nutritionist’s column and contributes researched nutrition related articles regularly in the magazine, and to other media as well.


  • Passion – She has a steady private clientele where she does one to one sessions if the client can’t come to her, she goes to them. She believes in remaining a student and continuing the journey of inquiry and study in all fields that holistically support health.


  • Touch – In search of a complete holistic approach, Sheeba experienced Biodynamic craniosacral therapy and decided to learn it from a renowned teacher, Leonid Soboleff. It is a beautiful and very gentle touch that helps the body heal and align, which needs to be experienced, whose mechanics are based on quantum physics.


  • Evolution – Personally in search of the highest, Sheeba read Dr Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection – Heal Others Heal Yourself. She took the seminar with him and is now a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. This to her is the highest form of healing a person can receive, that completely transcends energy healing and its complex rituals and techniques.

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*DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary from person to person | Sheeba - Nutritionist Singapore