one-to-one consultation | Personalize Approach
  • How herbal and dietary supplements can work for you
  • Step by step guide to your desirable weight goals — no scales or calorie counting!
  • Personal diet and supplement plan to fit your lifestyle
  • Using medical blood tests to determine core health imbalances so it is objective, not subjective
  • Recommending integrated doctors and dentists where necessary
  • Step by step detoxification program
  • Optimum nutrition to improve energy levels and fitness, mental performance, be emotionally balanced and increase resilience against diseases

  • Homeopathic fat loss plan (fully supported) for those wanting to lose more than 5 kg
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Office Hours are from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm   (Last appointment time is 5pm).

Personalize Approach | consultation process


Everyone has a unique biochemistry, just like their thumbprint. In order to get the maximum out of your consult with Sheeba, it is best to provide your recent blood test or get one done.(Please request for a list of tests required if you need one) Sheeba can help you to get the blood test done if you need one. If the client is a child who is facing health challenges, the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is the recommended assessment to work with.


From the assessment, an in-depth analysis is done (please read more if the assessments page) and a customized protocol is devised taking into account your medical history, unique biochemistry: the diet that would be best suited for you, the supplements that would work for you and the lifestyle changes that may be required to see the best outcomes.


Personalize Approach | Sheeba


Sheeba may use her expertise in Aromatherapy to address a certain condition that you have, or recommend you a biodynamic craniosacral therapy session for your headaches – it could be a combination drawn from her varied expertise that is relevant to your case.


A follow up within a three or four week period is ideal to continue the improvement, as the body works in layers and each time we are working on deeper layers to reach optimal.


If budget constraints are there, then we can skip the assessment and still do the consult, but please note that this would be a more generalized approach.


*DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary from person to person | Sheeba - Nutritionist Singapore