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Sheeba Majmudar


Canadian born, having lived in US, India, Hong Kong and now living in Singapore, Sheeba’s east and west exposure fused into a passion to discover health naturally, but realistically. According to her, “just the way we spend on good education and make informed financial investments, similarly, we need to invest wisely in our health.” She believes while aging may be inevitable, diseases are not; our beliefs and how we treat our body can create healing processes that are little understood by medical science.

Sheeba is a leading Nutritionist in Singapore and one of the few nutritionists here who is recommended by a number of Doctors –  Obstetricians, Gynaecologists, Cardiologists and even GP Doctors.

Sheeba is the author of “Edible to Incredible” book available on image


  • Master of Science in Human Nutrition (USA)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  • Diploma Clinical Herbology (USA)
  • Reconnective Healing (by Dr Eric Pearl)
  • Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy (Certified Lev 4)
  • Aromatherapist (USA)
  • Nutripuncture (France)
  • Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis (USA)
  • Star Flower Essences Practitioner (USA)
  • Gemmotherapy (USA) /Plant Stem cell therapy

TRAINING: Sheeeba has trained under renowned naturopath Dr Kimberly Balas from USA, to analyze comprehensive blood reports that can help assess where the body is headed and which are the most stressed systems or organs in the body. This Advanced Blood Chemistry analysis allows for in depth understanding of your blood results, while allowing integration with the medical world. She has also trained under Dr Bruce Shelton, the father of Advanced Homeopathy in USA to help create the HA2CG homeopathic weight management program.

She has also trained under Dr Eric Pearl, whose healing has been scientifically proven and goes beyond “energy healing” modalities and techniques. These are frequencies that are being experienced for the first time on this planet which do not obey the normal laws of physics as we know it – so unexplainable healings are instantly possible.

Sheeba has an inspiring presence, having been interviewed by BBC World News, Channel News Asia and in several health books and magazines.



Sheeba has been interviewed for the latest urban lifestyle health management books “OPTIMUM – Simple steps to peak performance” and “ESSENTIALS – pathways to intelligent aging” by Ageless republic (go to She was recently interviewed on Prime Time Morning News by Channel News Asia (Jan 2011) video link:

Most recently, Sheeba was voted one of 100 most inspiring real women in Singapore, by COZYCOT “100 MOST INSPIRING WOMEN CAMPAIGN 2011″ for International Women’s day.

T.V MEDIA: She has appeared in ‘Super Parents” show in Singapore (July 2011-Aug 2011) as the Nutrition expert.

“Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you who you are” – Brillat Savarin

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